Area Member, Georgina Burrows has pulled together some guidelines for those wishing to organise a spider drive next season, and has also included a simplified risk assessment form to be used in conjunction with the spider drives. 

Please remember if you wish to organise a drive, our Area Commissioner, Sarah McBride, must be informed beforehand.  Her number is 07717 467562. 

If you wish to contact Georgina, her telephone number is 02380-283433.

Advice for participants of BDS Spider Drives      PRINT

All drivers must be BDS members (which provides insurance cover).
You should have your New Forest driving permit and forest key with you if your route is on Forestry Commission land.
You should be carrying a suitable spares and first aid kit on your vehicle.

You should book in beforehand with the host/organiser.
Please let them know if you decide not to come or if you have a problem on the way and will not make it.

You should check on the FC website ( before setting out to see if there are any closures that might affect your route.
If you have any problems on a Forest Track, such as trees/branches down or blocked gates, do tell the organiser so they can inform the FC.

Arrive at the venue in a calm way and unharness and tie up in accordance with BDS rules and with consideration for others around you.
Ditto when leaving, and if you are leaving before others, make sure they are aware that you are moving off and are happy with it.

Do ask for help if you need it as people are always happy to help and advise.
On a spider drive you are responsible for your own safety and that of your horse as well as others around you.

Enjoy your drive!

Notes for Organisers of Spider Drives    PRINT

Ensure all whips are BDS members

Inform them of any closures or problems in the forest.

Send copy of instructions.

Ensure that all participants are aware of the BDS safety rules

Advise that they must carry a spares kit and a first aid kit.

Ensure the entrance/exit or meeting place is safe and has adequate tying-up space.

Have a named person to supervise arrival and departure and to oversee unharnessing, tying up and putting to.

Click this button to print out a Risk Management Checklist for Spider Drive Organisers    Risk Management