Hampshire BDS Carriage Driving Route 9:
Blackwater and Rhinefield Circuit

Start : Blackwater car park (SU 268048)
Distance : 4 miles, with option to combine with route 10 (6 miles)
Terrain : Classical forest woodland with spectacular Wellingtonias. Nice gravel tracks and two fords which can be very deep if there has been a recent rainstorm.
Instructions : Just before leaving the car park turn left through a locked bargate. After mile you will reach the five-way cross (at Post 250) in Poundhill inclosure. Take the second left (the first is unmetalled) and follow the gravelled track until you reach the road (at Post 248). Cross over through the second bargate and curl around Brock Hill on your left. Continue for a mile, crossing the Blackwater river at the first ford. You will reach the road again (at post 241) beside Rhinefield Cottage.
Turn right and follow the road to the left past the entrance to the Rhinefield House Hotel. Turn left again on the gravel track into Fletchers Thorns inclosure (at Post 240). This leads you through Fletchers Water at the second ford and back to the five-way cross. Turn left here to reach the car park.
Additional Information : There is usually an ice-cream van at the Blackwater car park in the summer!
This route can be combined with Route 10, (another 6 miles via Hurst Hill, Bolderford Bridge and Whitefield Moor) by turning right at the five-way cross.

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