Hampshire BDS Carriage Driving Route 6:
Dames Slough and Burley Outer Rails

Start : Anderwood Car Park (SU 248058)
Distance : 5¼ miles
Terrain : A drive through mixed woodland in Dames Slough and Burley Inclosures. Good gravel tracks throughout, apart from a short muddy section at the end which you can avoid if you wish.
Instructions : Leave the car park by the entrance, turn right on the road and then left through a bar-gate into Dames Slough inclosure on the cycle route at Post 120. Keep straight ahead, crossing a bridge over the Blackwater stream and over the crossroads at Post 118. Follow the track round to the right in Burley Old inclosure and through the gate into Burley New inclosure. Keep straight ahead at the crossroads (Post 116) and follow the track to the right at the
bonfire site.
Drive through the wood yard where they make the gates and other forest furniture and turn right onto the road. After 50 yds turn left (signposted ‘Old Cottage’), but immediately fork right on a gravel track, entering Burley Outer Rails inclosure through a gate (Post 126). Follow this track for a mile, keeping straight ahead at Posts 127 and 128.
To shorten your journey (and avoid the muddy section) you could turn right at Post 129 which takes you to Anderwood Cottages where you turn left on the road back to the car park. However a nicer way is to keep straight on over the ridge and turn right at Post 133. After 100 yds turn right again and wind round under the Eagle Oak. Turn right again and then left, where the gravel runs out, but the track is green and soon comes down to the road where you turn right and shortly reach your destination.

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