Hampshire BDS Carriage Driving Route: 4.
Cadmanís Pool, Holly Hatch and Sloden, returning via Splash Bridge.

Start : Cadmanís Pool car park (SU 230122). If it is very full or you have a big lorry, use Ocknell car park (SU 232119) on the other side of the road. (NB. Ocknell is closed during the winter months)
Distance : Choice of longer or shorter routes (Approx 8 or 5 miles)
Terrain : Mixed forest and moorland with good views. Mainly on gravel tracks, but rutted at the start and loose sand going down to Splash bridge.
Instructions : Coming out of Cadmanís Pool car park, go through the low bargate on the right and set off down the concrete strip in front of the pool. A rough track leads on until you reach the gate into Holly Hatch inclosure on the right. Go through and after 200 yds turn right, looping down through the woods to Holly Hatch cottage.
Turn right, cross the bridge and pull up Ragged Boys Hill. When you emerge from the wood at the top, you can either turn left for the shorter route through Sloden or continue ahead for the longer route over Fritham Plain.
If you take the longer route, go through the car park at Fritham and turn back to your left through the metal gate onto the cycle track towards Frogham. Turn left through a gate after 1ľ miles (before the steep hill out of Amberwood inclosure). Turn left again after ĺ mile in Alderhill inclosure. Cross the stream and the driftway (double gates) and after ľ mile turn right. (If you have taken the shorter route you will be coming from the opposite direction, so turn left here!)
Emerge through a gate onto the track towards Hasley Hill, but before you get there look out for an inconspicuous turning to the left. This is the sand track that leads down to Splash Bridge. The going here is soft but passable. Cross the curiously hump-backed bridge and enter Broomy inclosure.
Turn left at a rather steep corner.
You are now heading towards home (1ľ miles to go!). Go straight ahead at the crossroads and enter Holly Hatch inclosure at the gate. Wind your way uphill and at the top you will recognise the right turning where you came in. Leave the wood and turn left on the track for Cadmans Pool.
Additional Information :

You can visit the High Corner Inn by turning right after Splash Bridge. This will add about 2 miles to your journey.

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