Hampshire BDS Carriage Driving Route 2: Fritham to Frogham

Start : The car park at Fritham (SU 230140) is usually busy in the summer and unsuitable for large vehicles; if you have a large box or trailer it is best to park at Janesmoor Pond (SU 246135) and drive along the road through Fritham. This adds an extra mile each way.
Distance : Approx 9 miles (returning same way from Frogham)
Terrain : Good gravel tracks off road. More hilly than Route 1 but not too steep. Lovely views over the forest from Fritham Plain and Hallickshole Hill.
Instructions : Set off south-west across Fritham Plain through a wooden bar-gate at the back of the car park (not through the iron bar-gate onto the cycle track). After 1 mile fork right through the gate into Sloden Inclosure. After 2/3 mile turn left through another gate and emerge onto Hallickshole Hill.
Continue through Hasley Hill inclosure (you can go right or left about in the wood). Cross some rough sandy ground and through a bar-gate to pick up the track to Ogdens. Go through the bar-gate beside Ogdens car park. Cross the ford and take the track uphill to Abbots Well.
You can return the way you came or use Route 1 for a circular alternative.
Additional Information : The Foresters pub at Frogham is 200 yds beyond the Abbots Well car park. You can tie up to the rail in front of it, where there is a bath of water to refresh your horse.

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