Hampshire BDS Carriage Driving Route 15:
Woods Corner to the High Corner Inn

Start : Woods Corner car park, NE of Burley (SU 220042). This is quite restricted and you may need to use South Oakley or Lucy Hill car parks nearby, or go to Anderwood if you have a large lorry.
Distance : 12 miles approx
Terrain : Gravel tracks and tarmac a steep hill glorious views when on high ground. Driving through South Oakley and Roe Inclosures a Forestry Commission key is needed.
Instructions : From Woods Corner enter South Oakley Inclosure through the forest gate (Post 112) and continue for 1 miles until you reach a crossroads (Post 110) where you turn left onto a tarmac drive. (If starting from the other car parks, turn off the Lyndhurst - Burley road onto the tarmac drive signposted 'Old House' at Post 122 (SU 231050) which takes you to the crossroads at Post 110).
Continue Northwards on the tarmac until you reach the Old House, where you take to the gravel through a bar-gate and uphill until the main A31 is reached. Bear right on the grassy track parallel to the road for a few hundred yards until you reach an underpass. Pass under the A31 and turn right (Post 89). At the next crossroads (Post 61) continue ahead onto a rough track which will bring you out on the Emery Down to Linwood road where you should turn left.
Stay on this road for mile (avoiding the right turns to Fritham and Broomy Lodge). Turn off on a gravel track to the right, signposted to the High Corner Inn. You can unharness in the top car park and use the corrals provided for horses adjacent to it. Water is available from the tap in the kitchen yard.
Return as you came up the gravel track, but on reaching the road turn right. Follow the road for a mile until you reach Amies Corner. Take the gravel track to your left (at Post 46) and go through a gate into Roe Inclosure beside Amies Cottage. Cross the Linford Brook and keep straight ahead at Posts 48 and 63.
Emerge through a gate into Kings Garden and after mile you will see the crossroads at Post 61 where you took to the country on your way out. Turn right and retrace your steps to the underpass. Carry on westward alongside the A31 and pick up the track on your left down to the Old House.
Take the tarmac drive from here, turning right at the crossroads at Post 110 if you came from Woods Corner, but otherwise continuing on down to the Lyndhurst Burley road for the car parks at South Oakley, Lucy Hill or Anderwood.
Additional Information : The High Corner Inn has a garden and serves good pub food, but can be very busy in high season. The car parks at Lucy Hill and South Oakley may be closed during the winter months.
This route was contributed by Mary Ford, a BDS member from Burley.

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