Hampshire BDS Carriage Driving Route 14:
Burley and Holmsley circuit

Start : Clayhill car park, SE of Burley (SU 233024).
Distance : 4 miles or 7 miles
Terrain : Gravel tracks and tarmac some steep hills lovely views over open forest to Burley. Driving through Holmsley inclosure a Forestry Commission key is needed. The longer route brings you back via the old dismantled Brockenhurst to Ringwood railway.
Instructions : From Clayhill car park take the tarmac road west to Durmast crossroads. (SU224025). Be extra careful crossing here because fast traffic is sometimes concealed in the dip in the road. Take the 2nd left turning down a steep hill towards Holmsley Passage. Pass the strange bungalow with a flyaway roof (which was the railway crossing keeper's cottage) and up a steep hill. At the top, turn right onto a gravel track for 15 metres and left (before the bar-gate) through a five barred gate to get back to the road because there is no gate beside the cattle grid!
Almost immediately turn left through a gate and follow a track downhill which comes back to the road again after mile. Turn left on the road and cross over two fords. Then turn right through a gate into Holmsley Inclosure at Post 173.
For the shorter route continue past the first left turning (172), cross a small bridge and take the next right (171). Then keep right (175, 176) until you emerge once more onto the road. Turn left up the hill to retrace your route back to Clayhill car park.
For the longer route, turn left at 172, continue ahead at 168 and emerge from the wood through a gate at 167. Keep straight ahead across a grassy area and you will reach a tarmac track at post 166.
Skirt the perimeter of Holmsley camp-site via a bar-gate at 165 and turn right onto the road at 163. At Thorney Hill crossroads turn right down a long straight road with pinch points and a fine view of Whitteh pond. After mile enter Burbush car park on your right at Post 157.
Go through a low bar-gate on the left-hand side of the car park and drive across a green area to reach the old railway track at post 158. You steam along for a mile until you reach the crossing keeper's cottage once more at Holmsley Passage. Go through the double bar-gate and turn left on the road uphill to Durmast crossroads, where the second right turning will lead you back to Clayhill car park.
Additional Information : This route was contributed by Mary Ford, a BDS member from Burley.

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