Hampshire BDS Carriage Driving Route 13:
Hawkhill to Beaulieu Rd, returning via Denney Wood.

Start : HAWKHILL CAR PARK (Forestry Commission) is situated on the B3055 midway between Stockley
Cottage and Hatchet Pond. It is a large wooded Car Park that can easily accommodate Horse boxes and Trailers.
Distance : Approximately 12 miles.
Terrain : Gravel tracks with some tarmac road. You will experience both the open heath and enclosures of conifer and ancient deciduous woodland.
Instructions : Leave Hawkhill Car Park and head towards the road. Turn immediately right (almost going back on yourself). Go through a bar and then through the inclosure gate (Post 347). Take the first track to right (at 344). Follow round a left hand bend, down the hill over a stream, up to a T junction where you turn left. At the fork take right hand gravel track (Post 337). At the cross tracks turn right (at Post 332). Go through two gates across the driftway and on through the Deer Sanctuary in Frame Heath Inclosure.
At a T junction turn right (Post 330) and keep on this track to the gate at the end. Go through the gate onto open heath. Look for the cart track ahead and stay on it until you come to a T junction of tracks where you turn right. Look for the concrete area at the bottom of the stream. Go through and follow cart track bearing left. This area is known as Rowbarrow. Keep on this track under the silver birches and across the open area, always heading in same direction. Go through the stream at Pigbush and follow the track uphill bearing right.
This will bring you to the bargate on the Beaulieu to Lyndhurst road. Turn left and keep on until you come to Beaulieu Road Hotel. We suggest a picnic stop under the trees opposite or you can visit the Drift Inn for a drink.
To return, cross over the railway bridge and keep on the road for approximately mile. Turn left up steep incline in to Denny Campsite/Denny Wood. Keep on the tarmac road (care speed bumps and slippery in places). When the tarmac changes to a gravel track, keep on ahead down hill past the cottages on your right and one on the left. Go through a gate and stay on this track to the railway bridge. Go over the railway, through a metal bargate (at 324) and reach the road at Ladycross Lodge.
Turn left, and after mile turn left again through double gates at a bend in the road (Post 334). At the cross tracks (332) turn right and reach a T junction (344) where you turn right. Go on to the gate and then to the road. Turn sharp left back to the Car Park.
Additional Information : This route was contributed by Margaret Travers, who is happy to advise on routes in the Southern forest.

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