Hampshire BDS Carriage Driving Route 12:
Beaulieu Road, Pigbush, Parkhill and Matley

Start : Shatterford or Beaulieu Road car parks (SU 349064)
Distance : Approx 12 miles
Terrain : A circuit of the railway through some less frequented areas. Mainly gravel tracks but 3 miles of road, split between the beginning and end of the drive.
Instructions : From Shatterford car park turn right across the railway bridge (or from Beaulieu road car park turn left) along the road towards Beaulieu. After 1 miles turn right through a bargate into Pigbush inclosure (not the car park the next right). Cross the ford at Shepton Water and continue ahead on a rough track over Halfpenny green and Rowbarrow. This opens onto a gravel track in Frame Heath inclosure.
Ignore turnings to your left and right and after a mile you will come to a T junction and bargate (Post 326). Turn right and go up over the railway, then left (at Post 324) into Perrywood Haseley inclosure. Turn right at the crossroads (Post 305), in and out of the
gates at the driftway and ahead at Post 287. Turn right at a T junction (Post 286) and fork left at 285. Turn right at 283 and you will emerge through a gate onto Park Hill at Post 281.
Give your horse a breather here, before continuing across the clearing and through a gate opposite. This track takes you down through Little Holmhill Inclosure and out across the stream at Holmhill Passage. Follow the track uphill and after a right/left zigzag you
will reach the Beaulieu road at a bargate.
Turn right on the road along Matley Ridge, down across the bridge, round to the left at the campsite entrance and straight on to Shatterford/ Beaulieu Rd car parks. You will undoubtedly have worked up a thirst by now, which can be quenched at the Drift Inn alongside the station.
Additional Information : Avoid using Shatterford or Beaulieu road car parks when there is a pony sale on at the sale ring. (See the Verderers website for dates) There will be huge congestion and all the horse dealers in Hampshire will be there. They may think that your pony is for sale!

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