Hampshire BDS Carriage Driving Route 11:
Standing Hat, Parkhill and Denney

Start : Standing Hat car park (SU 315036). This may be closed in the winter, in which case use Tilery Road (SU 307033).
Distance : 10 miles
Terrain : Fine woodland scenery and gravel tracks throughout. There are many turnings and few landmarks, so watch for the cycle post numbers to guide you. If lost, head down hill and south-west. This will bring you back to the start.
Instructions : Set off up the middle of three tracks leading from the gate at the top of the car park. Using the cycle post numbers, turn left at 287, left at 286, ahead at 272, left at 271 and arrive at the gate into Beechen Lane at 270.
This is the old road to Lyndhurst (one mile to your left), but you should turn right up to the top of Park Hill (281), which makes a nice coffee stop. Turn right through the gate, then left at 283 and left again at 285. A gate takes you into Denney Wood and you will
reach a bargate onto Denney Road at 296.
Turn right on the tarmac and pass by Denney Cottage and its fields. After mile turn left for a circuit of Denney Lodge Inclosure. Go over the hill at Woodfidley, turn right and you will reach a crossroads at 324. This is the home straight, so keep on ahead here and at 305. Carry on past Victoria Tilery Cottage and you will arrive at Standing Hat where you started.
Additional Information : On sunny days in May and June you should see some Pearl Bordered Fritillary butterflies, especially around the Frohawk ride (Posts 272-285)

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