Hampshire BDS Carriage Driving Route 10:
Whitefield Moor, Hurst Hill and Ober Corner

Start : Whitefield Moor car park (SU 275027) or alternatively Beachern Wood (SU 284027)
Distance : 6 miles
Terrain : A mile of road at either end, but good gravel tracks in between. One ford which may be deep after rain.
Instructions : Turn right up the road from Whitefield Moor car park. Cross Puttles Bridge, taking care because the road may be slippery on the slopes at either side. Go through the side gate at a cattle grid and shortly afterwards turn right through the bargate at Fletchers Hill (Post 240). Cross the ford at Fletchers Water and turn right at the five-way cross (Post 250).
After a straight section through the pine wood, go on through the gate to Poundhill Heath and left along the causeway beside Queens Meadow. This is a deer sanctuary where you may see herds of red or fallow deer. Cross over Highland Water at the new bridge and enter Hurst Hill inclosure. Here you may go straight on or take a short loop to the left which
adds about half a mile. You emerge onto an open triangle (at Post 257).
Turn right and leave the triangle through a gate (at Post 258). This track takes you through New Park Plantation and you can see the polo ground through the trees on your left. Turn right after a gate and left shortly after another one to reach Bolderford Bridge.
Some sportsmen like to ford the river here, but I would not advise it as the banks are becoming eroded. Continue on to Ober Corner, where a bargate opens onto the road.
Follow the road ahead, paying heed to the traffic humps or the huge motor caravans which frequent this road. You will arrive at the Brockenhurst Road next to Beachern Wood car park (which is the alternative starting point for this drive). Turn sharp right and trot briskly up the road for half a mile until you reach Whitefield Moor car park, where you can treat yourself (and your horse) to an ice cream from the van that parks here in summer.
Additional Information : If struck by a sudden thirst half way round this route, you could turn left at the triangle and follow the track up to Bank. Here you should turn left (at Post 259) and right after the gate beside the cattle grid. Walk down the hill, pausing to admire the thatched cottage
on your right. At the end of the lane you will find the Oak Inn, which has a very decent selection of beers and serves a light lunch if you require it. Return the same way to the triangle where you should turn left. This detour will add three miles to your journey.

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