Area Commissioner :   

Sam Searle
Tel: 01420 564129 / 07883 538591   email the Johnstones'


Assistant Area Commissioners :

Ginny Parker
Tel: 07801 668677   email the Johnstones'

Gill Shorter
Tel: 07718 787652

Area Access & Rights of Way Officer :

Teresa White
Tel: 07974 294647   email the Johnstones'



LHHI's : 

Ms Sophie Adkins  - Pleasure & Private Driving;
           Vittlefields Farm, Forest Rd, Newport IOW PO30 4LY 
            Tel: 01983 532919    E-mail:

Mr Gary Docking - All disciplines taught, encouraged & talked about;
           Graffham, Midhurst, West Sussex GU30 0NX
           Tel: 01798 867580   Mobile: 07568 471434     E-mail:

Miss Caroline Douglas - Tandem; Team; HDT; Pleasure & Private Driving; RDA Driving;
            Valley Farm, Arnwood Bridge Road, Sway, Brockenhurst SO41 6DA
            Tel & Fax: 01590 682678   E-mail:

Mr Richard James - Law Society Expert Witness
            Fern Cottage, East Martin, Fordingbridge SP6 3LJ  Tel: 01725 519322   E-mail:

Mrs Clare Wigmore - (T); HDT; Pleasure & Private Driving; RDA Driving; Scurry Driving
            Balmer Lawn House, West Grimstead, Salisbury, Wilts SP5 3RR
             Tel & Fax : 01722 712237    E-mail :



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