BDS Safety Rules to be followed by everyone:

✦No bridle to be removed whilst horse is attached to a vehicle.

✦No horse to be tied to anything whilst still attached to a vehicle.

✦No horse to be left unattended whilst attached to a vehicle.

✦No horse to be driven from ground whilst attached to a vehicle.

✦No person to be aboard a vehicle with horse(s) attached unless the Driver is in the driving seat and holding the reins.

✦If the driver dismounts, then a groom must be in control of the horse(s) by holding the head by means of a lead rope attached to the bit ring or head collar or by holding the reins close to the horse's head.

✦Members under the age of 18 are accompanied and supervised by a competent adult at all times when driving and/or handling a horse.

✦All drivers/grooms/passengers under the age of 14 years must wear a correctly fitted hard hat when in a carriage or in attendance to a turnout.

✦The whip is an aid and should be in the drivers hand whilst driving and not in the whip socket.

These Safety Rules must be notified to all Drivers/Whips, ie: displayed/handed out/clearly written in event paperwork.

Drivers/Whips must be clearly told that they may not start/be required to withdraw if :-

✦they breach BDS Safety Rules;
✦their horse/vehicle/harness is unsound/unsafe/faulty;
✦their handling/driving causes safety concerns;
✦they fail to obey Highway Code or rules of the Drive;

in the Organizersí opinion, whose decision shall be final.